Florida Commercial Truck Insurance: Your Ultimate Guide

In the dynamic world of the trucking industry, securing a comprehensive Florida commercial truck insurance policy is paramount. We present an elucidating guide that offers three competitive quotes tailored for your business needs, crafted to help you find the most economical and robust protection available in the Floridian market.

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You have to compare your quotes. That's how we help!

When aiming to secure a policy, it's essential to compare and contrast quotes from different companies to find the coverage that suits your requirements the most effectively. Here's how we facilitate that for you:

Step 1: Request Three Competitive Quotes

We understand your needs and assist you by bringing three premier Florida Truck Insurance agents who will vie for your patronage. With us, obtaining the finest quotes is as simple as filling out our concise online form.

Step 2: Choose the Most Suitable Insurance Policy

Commercial truck insurance cost in Florida ranges from an average of $3,010 to $33,380. However, by choosing the right insurance company, you can significantly lower your premiums. Our service simplifies the process of obtaining quotes from different providers, enabling you to find the ideal balance between cost and coverage for your trucking enterprise.

Florida Trucking Insurance Premiums: 2023 Snapshot

In 2023, we analyzed 99 trucking companies in Florida to give you a current picture of the truck insurance scene. Here's what we found regarding the yearly premiums per truck:

  • Premium Overview
    The annual premiums showcase a wide variety, ranging from as low as $3,010 to a high of $33,380. This range indicates the diversity of policy options available catering to different budgetary needs.
  • Low-End Premium: $3,010
    At the most affordable tier, companies are finding policies at $3,010 yearly per truck, providing a basic cover that meets legal mandates.
  • High-End Premium: $33,380
    At the top tier, the premium reaches up to $33,380 annually per truck. This represents policies with broader coverage, assuring greater security and benefits.

Fulfilling Truck Insurance Requirements in Florida

Both the FMCSA and the state of Florida necessitate certain insurance coverages based on various factors including the freight you transport and your operation radius. The state law stipulates the following liability insurance levels based on the goods you haul:

  • Oil Transport: $1,000,000 liability insurance
  • Hazardous Materials: $5,000,000 liability insurance
  • Household Goods: $300,000 liability insurance
  • General Freight: $750,000 liability insurance

Federal Requirements

Truck drivers operating across state lines must adhere to federal regulations, which require liability limits ranging between $750,000 and $1,000,000. It's imperative to be well-acquainted with these stipulations to ensure compliance and secure your business operations.

Learn More Meet the TOP Trucking Insurance Providers in Florida

A majority of the truck insurance policies in Florida are written by the following companies: Berkshire, Great West, IAT Insurance Group, Lancer, National Indemnity, Northland, OOIDA, Progressive, & Wesco.

While these companies hold a significant market share, remember that there are over a dozen other carriers in Florida vying for your attention, promising substantial savings and optimum coverage.

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Every trucking enterprise is distinctive, with unique requirements based on the type of operations and the goods transported. We specialize in crafting policies for a wide array of operation types, including:

We service every corner of Florida, reaching out to both bustling cities and quiet neighborhoods. Whether you are in Jacksonville or Miami, we have truck insurance brokers ready to provide competitive quotes to cater to all your needs.


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DISCLAIMER: All information is based on data from May 2023 to August 2023 and a sample of 99 trucking companies in Florida. Rates and offers may vary. Please refer to our full disclaimer for more details.