Your One-Stop Guide to Commercial Truck Insurance in California

In this informative guide, we share comprehensive insights on how to secure the best commercial truck insurance in California, with detailed breakdowns of the costs, requirements, and our expert agents ready to serve you. Let’s steer you in the right direction to making informed decisions on your transportation insurance needs.

Driving a commercial truck in California?


Overview California Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes

Key Takeaways
  • Premium truck insurance providers in California - Aegis, Crusader Insurance Company, and Great West.
  • Understanding the average insurance premiums based on your business tenure and cargo type.
  • Essential coverages including Primary Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, and Bobtail Insurance.
  • Legal requirements based on the nature of goods transported and geographic reach.
Average CA Trucking Premiums

Low-end premium: $5119.00

High-end premium: $41,387.50

In 2023, a study involving 26 trucking companies in California revealed that the annual insurance premiums per truck ranged from $5119.00 to $41,387.50. Factors such as cargo type and business tenure can influence these costs, with other trucking operations in the state having premiums ranging from $12k to $15k, depending on experience.

Essential Coverages for California Truckers

  • 1 Primary Liability Insurance
  • 2 Motor Truck Cargo
  • 3 Bobtail Insurance

Mandatory for all truck operators.

Covers the goods you are transporting

Offers protection when your truck is without a trailer

Legal Reqs for California Trucking

Navigating the legal landscape of truck insurance in California can be challenging. Learn the specifics based on your operational specifics such as the nature of goods transported and geographic reach:

General Freight: $750,000 liability insurance

Oil Transport: $1,000,000 liability insurance

Learn More Check out the leading trucking insurance providers in California

  • Aegis
  • Progressive
  • Great West

These carriers dominate the California truck insurance market, promising competitive and comprehensive deals.

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Discover why California stands unique for truck insurance. Learn about the specific opportunities and vibrant landscapes that make California the golden choice for your trucking insurance needs. Also, explore the city-wise agent network available in all Californian cities.

Additional Resources for Truckers in California:

  1. Legal Requirements: Dive deep into the legal mandates both at state and federal level to ensure your business operates efficiently within legal frameworks.
  2. Owner-Operators Plans: Tailored solutions for Hot Shot, LTL, and Reefer operations.
  3. Quote Acquisition: Utilize our innovative service to receive three competitive quotes and secure the best insurance policy for your needs.


Stay ahead with access to valuable resources:

  1. California Department of Transportation (Caltrans): Stay informed about the state's infrastructure developments, roadway conditions, and regulatory news to facilitate smoother journeys.

  2. California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV): Your go-to place for vehicle registration, compliance needs, and obtaining commercial driver's licenses. 

  3. California Trucking Association (CTA): Engage with a community of peers for advocacy, networking, and to gain insights into industry trends and best practices.

  4. California Department of Insurance: Ensuring that insurance providers are compliant and businesses are safeguarded, this department helps in finding the right coverage for your trucking business.

Our extensive network proudly serves key cities across California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and San Jose, among others.

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DISCLAIMER: All information is based on data from May 2023 to August 2023 and a sample of 26 trucking companies in California. Rates and offers may vary. Please refer to our full disclaimer for more details.