How to Get Cheap Insurance for Your Hot Shot Trucking Business

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The trucking industry is not a monolith, despite the perceptions of those outside the business, and hot shot trucking is clear evidence of the variety of trucking styles within the industry. But with the various special circumstances seen in hot shot trucking also comes a lot of distinct legal and regulatory requirements, including insurance needs, which can be far more complex and involved than other styles of driving or even trucking. With that in mind, it’s important to know how to get cheap insurance for your hot shot trucking business.

Hot shot trucking, of course, is a form of trucking in which drivers deliver smaller, time-sensitive loads to a specific location. These loads are generally LTL loads, or less than truckload, and are generally last-minute jobs that must be delivered within a specific time frame. For instance, a construction company may need a piece of equipment delivered immediately to stay on schedule and will therefore post the job on a load board as a hot shot load. The hot shot driver will pick up the equipment and then deliver it right to the customer before a deadline.

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Due to the time-sensitive nature of the job, hot shot loads pay more than usual based on size and distance. Instead, the job can prove more lucrative because the load must arrive within a tight timeframe, so a driver who can meet that deadline can reap the benefits.

Many hot shot truckers don’t require a large semi-truck or other commercial vehicle to pull a hot shot load. Instead, many hot shot truckers simply use a one-ton pickup truck, generally a non-commercial vehicle labeled as medium duty under federal guidelines.

You might think hot shot trucking wouldn’t take much in the way of specialized insurance, given millions of drivers insure their pickup trucks with a standard insurance policy every day. But to use a truck for hot shot trucking, you’ll need your operating authority, a U.S. DOT number for use in hauling over state lines, proof of owning your own trucking business and, of course, liability insurance. Hauling heavy cargos, even smaller ones a single truck can pull, requires additional insurance requirements to cover any problems that could arise on the job.

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Once you select the right agent for your business, they’ll take care of all the paperwork and get your truck and business covered with a policy tailored to your requirements and legal needs to keep your hot shot trucking business going.

With this approach, you can be confident you’re getting a good policy at the best possible price and can keep trucking without worrying about dealing with surprise fees or high premiums.

The trucking business can be complicated enough for a busy business owner, particularly for a small operation like a single hot shot truck driver. There’s no need to make things more complicated when resources exist to simplify the process for you.

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