How Your Driving Record Affects Your Commercial Trucking Insurance Premiums

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Being a commercial trucking business owner, you’ve got people on the road constantly. You are also aware of how crucial having the appropriate insurance is to protecting your employees when they are driving. Yet, insurance premiums add up very quickly and become a major burden for your business.

Well, did you know that your driving history has a significant impact on how much your insurance premium costs?

At Cheap Truck Insurance, we want to make sure you understand how your driving record affects your insurance premiums.

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Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Traffic Infractions: Accidents, and other incidents relating to your driving history are all included in your driving record. Insurance companies may perceive you as a high-risk driver and increase your premiums if you have a history of collisions or moving infractions.

Type of Violation: Your insurance prices may vary depending on the nature of the violation. For instance, a DUI conviction may have a greater effect on your premiums than a speeding ticket.

Frequent Incidents: Insurance providers could also examine the frequency of accidents on your driving record. They may consider you a high-risk driver and raise your premiums if you have several incidents in a short amount of time.


How Your Driving Record Affects Your Commercial Trucking Insurance Premiums

Time: The time since your most recent occurrence may also have an impact on the cost of your insurance. Drivers with a long history of good driving records may qualify for lower insurance costs.

Safety Measures: Putting safety measures into place will help your commercial trucking company have fewer accidents and violations. This can involve creating safety procedures, maintaining your trucks, and regularly educating your drivers.

Deal with an Insurance Broker: Even if you have a spotty driving record, an insurance broker can help you obtain insurance coverage that suits your needs and budget. They may also assist you in putting safety precautions in place to lessen your risk and perhaps even your premiums.

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Your driving history ultimately plays a significant role in deciding the cost of your commercial trucking insurance. We at Cheap Truck Insurance are aware of the particular requirements of commercial trucking firms and the effect that driving records have on insurance rates. To find out more about our flexible insurance options and to get help finding coverage that is both reasonable and appropriate for your company’s needs, get in touch with us today!

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