The Importance of Low-Cost Bobtail Insurance for Independent Truckers

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Sometimes, that tractor trailer on the road is actually only a tractor. Commercial trucks aren’t always pulling a cargo and can be seen traveling along the highway without a trailer in two, driving along with just the cab part of the truck there for the ride. But this sort of trip can be a problem, as commercial trucking insurance is primarily designed to cover a truck when it’s engaged in pulling cargo from one location to another. For anything else, it’s important for drivers to realize the importance of low-cost bobtail insurance for independent truckers.

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Bobtail insurance is the term used to signify insurance that covers a truck for auto liability coverage after a load has been delivered and the truck is not being used for trucking purposes. It’s primarily of importance to owner-operators, as large fleets usually keep trucks on site when not carrying loads and have the loads brought in to hook up to the truck there, meaning the cabs are rarely on the road without a trailer behind them.

For independent truckers and owner-operators, however, you’ll frequently have to drive your truck without cargo when going to pick up a new cargo or heading back home after dropping off a cargo. And for that, you’ll need bobtail insurance.

Note that bobtail insurance is not entirely the same thing as non-trucking liability coverage. The latter covers a truck even when it’s not being used for a business purpose. Bobtail insurance implies the truck is still on business even when not pulling a trailer, i.e. going to pick up new cargo, in between loads or headed back to base after the last load of the day.

Whether you need both is something only you can decide, but every independent trucker definitely needs bobtail insurance at the very least. And you’ll want it at the best price you can get.

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