Understanding the Cost of Cargo Insurance for Trucking Companies

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If you’re driving a truck as part of a transportation fleet, it’s natural the truck must be insured. But what about whatever the truck is hauling? Trucking companies must also worry about insuring cargo on any haul, which can increase costs and produce new concerns. It’s important for any fleet owner to understand the cost of cargo insurance for trucking companies.

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Policies for cargo insurance can vary widely in cost depending on the policy limit, what the cargo consists of and the annual premiums involved, but it’s essential for any trucker to know whatever they’re hauling is properly insured before they hit the road.

In general, though, cargo insurance can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,800 a year in annual premiums, or $35 to $150 a month for a standalone cargo insurance policy.

These wide variations are caused by a number of factors: the type of cargo being hauled, for instance, as some commodities are more expensive to cover than others, particularly volatile substances like gas or fuel. Other factors can include the limits of a cargo policy: the higher the limit, the more you’ll be paying for the policy; and your previous loss history, as previous losses can drive up future premiums.

For the best coverage, you’ll need to get as many specific coverages as possible for the appropriate cargos. Such coverages can include pollution liability, debris removal, theft, hijackings, sue and labor coverages, earned freight coverage, dishonesty coverage, water damage, loading and unloading coverage and reefer breakdown.

Some are only necessary for overall fleet owners, not owner-operators, while others may overlap, but it just shows the complexity of cargo insurance for each person involved.

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