The Pros and Cons of Getting Owner-Operator Truck Insurance

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Taking the leap from being a company driver to an owner-operator is no small thing. After all, while an owner-operator has full control of their vehicle and what cargos they want to carry, and from there over any profits brought in, they must also take on all the accompanying responsibilities as well, including insuring the truck themselves. Anyone preparing to take such a leap should consider the pros and cons of getting owner-operator truck insurance.

When working for a trucking company, the driver can leave much of the paperwork and nitty-gritty details of the operation to others in the business. They simply pick up the cargo they’re told to and haul it to where they’re told. Contracting with the cargo owner, negotiating prices, handling other such issues are done up the chain of command. They simply drive the truck.

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When the driver is also the owner and operator in this scenario, however, all those details become their concern. They have to deal with all the incoming costs, the taxes, the operating expenses and everything else.

And that includes insurance.

Insurance is always a major issue for any business that involves transportation. The truck needs to be insured. Cargo may need to be insured. For a company driver, these were invisible concerns, handled by the business office. For the owner-operator, these are major concerns that must be addressed to ensure business continues as it should.

But how to address them? What can they do to find the right insurance for their needs, now and going forward?

That’s where comes in. can provide insurance quotes for any sort of insurance policy you might need in the trucking industry as an owner-operator, from cargo insurance to truck policies, all at great prices as they provide competing quotes to give you multiple options to find the best fit an owner-operator’s needs.

The professionals at know the challenges of navigating an unfamiliar insurance marketplace, particularly for a harried owner-operator, and are dedicated to doing the hard work for you.

As part of their comprehensive service, they will produce not just one, but at least three, competing quotes for your needs. This approach lets you compare and contrast quotes from various reputable insurance companies and find which one can get you the best coverage at the best rate, all right in front of your keyboard as you simply plug in the information on the company website and let them do the work for you.

You’ll get quotes from up to three agents competing for your business by trying to get you the best price possible.

Choose the best offer for your needs and go ahead and purchase it there on the spot. Your new insurance agent will lock in your price and handle all the paperwork from there so you can get your truck on the road knowing you’re properly covered with an insurance policy you can afford.

Get 3 Free Truck Insurance Quotes

Doing so allows you to skip some of the paperwork and let someone handle the details, which must be a relief as an owner-operator expected to handle everything else on your own.

So don’t wait if you’re taking the plunge into the owner-operator sphere. Visit today and get the policy you need.

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