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Commercial trucking in Alabama demands insurance coverage that’s as comprehensive as your business goals. Safeguard your vehicle from the unexpected and navigate liability issues with confidence by choosing insurance solutions that meet Alabama's commercial trucking standards.

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Empowering Your Choice: A Market Overview Everything you need to know as a trucking company in Alabama

Cheap Truck Insurance streamlines market exploration, allowing you to obtain quotes from diverse companies and pinpoint the best coverage and cost combination for your trucking business. We connect you with the top three truck insurance agents in Alabama that best fit your specific needs.

Whether you're an owner-operator in Montgomery, a fleet manager in Mobile, or transporting hazardous materials, we understand that every trucking company is unique.

Our network of insurance brokers is ready to offer competitive quotes in all Alabama cities including Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Mobile, along with neighboring states TX, GA, and FL.

  • 1 Average premium cost: In 2023 a sample of 16 trucking companies, the lowest paid $9140.40/year per truck and the highest paid was $21,894.
  • 2 Legal Requirements: Alabama mandates all commercial trucks to have minimum liability coverage. Additional requirements may vary based on the weight of the truck, type of cargo, and operating radius.
  • 3 Minimum Liability Coverage: Alabama state law requires commercial truck drivers to have a minimum amount of liability insurance. This coverage is essential as it protects drivers in case they are found liable for accidents causing bodily injury or property damage.

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Regardless of your main hub of operation or your cargo destinations across the Heart of Dixie, be it Birmingham or Mobile, Huntsville or Tuscaloosa, Montgomery or Gulf Shores, your trucking endeavors in Alabama require an insurance policy that's tailored just right.

The smart move is to seek guidance from those in the know, and that's where we come into play. Here at, we're your gateway to connecting with up to three seasoned insurance agents well-versed in the Yellowhammer State's unique demands. Welcome to peace of mind on Alabama's roads!