Commercial Trucking Insurance Checklist

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When building up a commercial trucking outfit, you won’t get very far without insurance. As with any vehicle, a commercial truck, no matter what cargo it’s hauling or what services it’s providing, needs insurance. But obtaining insurance for a commercial truck, or even a fleet of such trucks, can seem far more complicated than just grabbing a policy for the family minivan. That’s why we created a commercial trucking insurance checklist

Commercial trucking insurance is a complex situation and that’s why it’s best to go into the process of obtaining coverage with this commercial trucking insurance checklist.

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There are quite a few considerations to take into account before purchasing insurance for your commercial truck or fleet. Without a careful, itemized approach to the process, you can easily leave some elements out and find yourself on the hook for expensive repairs or legal fees because of some aspect of coverage you forgot to include.

So, take a look at the commercial trucking insurance checklist and make sure you’ve got each element marked off before you pay out anything in insurance premiums.

1. Make sure you have all your documents and legal requirements in order.
For instance, if you’re going to be driving a commercial truck, you need to make sure you have a CDL or commercial driver’s license, or you won’t get very far at all down the road in your new truck. You also need to make sure you have your MC (motor carrier) and Department of Transportation numbers registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The MC number is necessary to haul cargo across state lines, while the DOT number covers transport within a state and other issues.

Commercial Trucking Insurance Checklist

2. Collect all the documents pertaining to your truck in order, such as your VIN and basic registration information.


3. Research factors that could affect your premiums.
Things such as your driving history, as accidents can drive up costs and claims history, which can do the same. You’ll need to be able to tell the insurer your operation radius — longer distance hauling means higher rates — and the type of cargo or services you’re likely to contract. Truck type and the location of where you operate are also necessary data points for your insurance needs, as well as factors like vehicle value, credit history, company track record, and more. You’ll have to answer certain questions, such as whether you’re an owner/operator or an independent contractor, whether your business uses differing types of trucks like tow trucks or reefer trucks and much more.

It’s a lot to keep track of. Luckily, you don’t have to do it on your own.

By visiting, you can get someone else to do much of the work for you. You’ll have to fill out a questionnaire with much of the basic info above involved, but from there, our website can take care of much of the rest. We’ll find up to three agents for you with competing bids for your service. You choose which offer best fits your budget and needs and they’ll take care of all the paperwork and intricacies of the process. Pretty soon, you’ll have all the insurance coverage you want and need and can get back to putting trucks on the road rather than dealing with busy work.

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So, check off the items on your commercial trucking insurance checklist and then visit to get started on finding the insurance you need for a price you can afford.

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