Covering More Than The Basics: Getting The Most Out Of Commercial Truck Insurance

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There are a lot of legal requirements when it comes to vehicle insurance, but not everything that an insurance carrier offers is absolutely needed — at least, legally. Covering yourself for basic liability and other necessities is mandated by law, but insurance can pay for much more, if you’re willing to pay for it on the regular insurance bill.

It can be tempting, when trying to find places to cut down and save money, to cut that insurance bill to the bone, but if you’re going to ensure you’re getting the most out of commercial truck insurance, you need to make sure you’re covering more than just the basics. 

We all know people who did it. Maybe we did it ourselves at one time. As soon as we paid off that car loan and had the title outright, we contacted our insurance agent and had them cut the coverage to the legal minimum, reveling in paying far less each bill on that otherwise mandatory expense for auto insurance.

It worked great for some of us. Eventually, we’d buy a new car and have to start paying more again. And as we grew families and got more responsible, we left those extras alone and paid for them to ensure we had greater peace of mind behind the wheel.

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It didn’t work out so well for others. We’d get in a car accident and find, when the time came to get a check from the insurance company, that a bare minimum policy meant a bare minimum response and suddenly we were on the hook for medical expenses, car repairs or worse.

This scenario is not one you want to duplicate with your commercial truck insurance. Here, you want to make sure you have a comprehensive plan that meets all your rainy day needs as a business owner, whether you’re an owner-operator or have an entire fleet on your policy.

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Paying as little as possible for insurance is always tempting, but it can come back to bite you when you need that insurance most. You need to ensure you have the best coverage for the worst-case scenario.

State and federal regulations demand primary liability, but coverage for yourself, your employees and others can be more optional. Pay it. You want to be protected in case of an accident. And if you’re carrying interstate loads, using a specialty truck like a reefer truck or bobtail trailer, you’ll want specialized coverage there, too. Protecting yourself against legal issues is not enough if an accident causes an entire load of produce to spoil and you’re facing losses that aren’t covered due to skimpy coverage.

To make sure you’re paying for what you truly need, and not just what you have to, you should talk with your insurance agent to better weigh your options and determine what’s best for you. Not every insurance option will be necessary. But you want to have a good policy, not just a basic one.

By using, you can find an agent who can get you such a policy at a good price. At, their system finds competing bids for your business, so you know the winning bid is as low as you can get for what you’re looking for.

With that in mind, you can let them draw up the right policy and be best protected for what you need.

Make sure you’re covering more than the basics and getting the most out of your commercial truck insurance by using

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