How To Afford Commercial Truck Insurance On Any Budget

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Budgeting is a necessary tool for everyone, no matter how much we don’t like to do it, and it’s even more important when you’re running a business of some kind. This is true of commercial truck drivers, particularly owner-operators who must pay for their truck’s maintenance themselves rather than driving a truck provided by a business’s fleet of vehicles. And one of the biggest, yet most vital, expenses one must budget for is insurance.

But while commercial truck insurance can be a major line item in any budget, it doesn’t have to break the bank. With the right approach, a driver can find how to afford commercial truck insurance on any budget.

Insurance is a cost nearly everyone has to pay on some vehicle or another, whether they drive commercially or not, so we’re all familiar with the various bells and whistles a policy can tack on, and how much those can add up. Commercial truck insurance is the same way, with a host of extra options available that can turn a basic liability policy into a buffet of extra coverage options that leave your truck covered for nearly everything other than divine wrath… and requiring the driver to pony up for every bit of it.

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But that’s not the only way to handle commercial truck insurance. State and federal laws require certain coverages at certain levels, of course, but beyond that, it’s up to the owner-operator what else they want to pay for in their policy.

Beyond basic liability, there are some things you may want to include, such as injury riders, and some specialty trucks or routes may need additional coverage, such as a reefer truck or coverage for interstate hauling. But even there, beyond legal standards, the rest is up to you.

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And that’s where your budget comes in. For an established owner-operator who can afford the costs, lower deductibles and higher coverage levels may be a good idea, paying more on a policy to make sure you don’t pay more after a collision. But for a new driver on a tighter budget, taking things down to the minimum might be the best idea to ensure you still have operating capital for other purposes.

Thankfully, you don’t have to handle the insurance choices on your own. With, you can get up to three insurance agents bidding for your business, each trying to underbid one another to get your patronage and, therefore, ensuring you get a lower price than if you just walked into their insurance office off the street.

The process is simple. Fill out a basic online questionnaire with your needs, budget and other pertinent details and the website will take care of the rest, providing insurance agents with your information so they can draw up a policy bid that will get you as much bang for your buck as you feel can manage.

From there, you select the bid that works best for you and your new insurance agent will formally draw up a policy with your needs in mind so you get a policy that fits your budget for the trucking needs you have to meet.

By using, you can determine how to afford commercial truck insurance on any budget. Visit them today to get started.

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