How To Find New Discounts On Commercial Truck Insurance

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Purchasing insurance for a commercial truck is expensive enough without looking to get all the savings you can. Much like insuring your car or other personal vehicle, there are various discounts available for commercial truck insurance, if you know what to ask for. Before you hit the road with a haul, make sure you know what your insurance is paying for and that you know how to find new discounts on your commercial truck insurance.

Everyone knows there are various ways to save extra money on your basic car insurance. There are entire advertisements about the different discounts that varying insurance companies offer to consumers. Multi-car discounts, safe driver discounts and many others can be found listed at the bottom of each insurance bill for many a driver.

This is just as true for commercial truck insurance, depending on the insurance carrier and your particular insurance policy. Just because there’s not a lady in a white apron talking about how to insure your 18-wheeler or reefer truck during the commercial break of some sporting event or soap opera doesn’t mean there aren’t just as many ways to save if you go looking.

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Again, not every policy or carrier will have the same options, but there are various options to look into. If you own a fleet of trucks, rather than just a single vehicle as an owner-operator, you can often get a discount by insuring multiple vehicles at once. But even a single owner-operator can find discounts, sometimes through options as simple as paying your bill in full upfront, getting a discount as a new business and other choices.

How To Find New Discounts On Commercial Truck Insurance

Others are pretty simple. A good driving record can often make for better rates, for instance. Avoiding accidents and keeping points off your license can lower your premiums in a commercial truck just as they can in the family sedan.

Some carriers even use bluetooth devices, similar to those personal vehicle policies utilize, that can track your truck’s driving record, from speeding to following traffic laws and recording phone usage while the truck is moving. A good score on that device can often lower prices, too.

If there are other options, particularly ones that may be specific to your insurance carrier, your insurance agent will be the one to know. Ask them what other options are available. They’ll be happy to help you find the discounts you need to make your policy work better for your budget.

You can also seek help with Their competitive bidding process — in which you can choose from at least three insurance agents, all competing for your business — not only means the offered policies should be better priced than just by window shopping, but it gives each agent more incentive to find as many discounts as they can for your trucking needs.

Once you select an agent, they’ll draft a policy tailored to you and your truck, complete with all the discounts you can qualify for, to give you the best policy imaginable for your vehicle.

Never pay the sticker price if you can, the old shopping advice goes, and that’s just as true, if not more so, of commercial truck insurance as anything else. With help from, you can make sure you’re getting the best price by letting them help you find out how to find new discounts on commercial truck insurance.

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