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Trucking is, in many ways, a fairly low-tech business. The internal combustion engine has been around a long time, after all, and trucking is, in essence, just strapping a covered wagon to such an engine and pushing it in the right direction. A simplification, yes, but one that underlines how simple trucking can seem to the computerized world of the 21st century. Yet technology takes hold everywhere, and even trucking is no exception. Computers, GPS programs and more have all made their way into the cab of many a commercial truck.

But while such tools can be both hassle and boon, they can also help you find ways to lower insurance premiums when used right. Using technology to lower your commercial trucking insurance rates is one of the best uses of tech you can find.

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Many commercial truck drivers may prefer an analog approach to the industry, but as technology proceeds apace, the digital landscape intrudes into everything, and brings with it a host of data options. And harvesting that data for your own use can be useful in lowering insurance rates.

There are numerous devices you can equip on your trucks to collect data to lower insurance costs, including cameras, governors and telematics systems. 

For that to work, of course, the data MUST show what you’re telling the insurance companies. Mismatched numbers can only hurt you. Reporting accurate data is essential and, as your fleet uses the data to improve its performance, you will see your insurance rates lower due to improving performance.

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Cameras, for instance, can help in the case of accident claims. Forward facing cameras have been shown to help expedite claims processing and prove trucking companies not-at-fault in specific incidents. Proving your drivers are following all traffic laws and exonerating them of fault can only improve your insurance rates.

Telematics systems are also an increasingly common tool for trucking fleets. They can measure fuel consumption, driving speed, record the location of vehicles, driver behavior and more. Collecting such information can give you a road map to greater performance.

Some truckers might want to install governors on their vehicles. Governors prevent the truck from exceeding certain pre-programmed speeds to push down insurance costs and potentially protect driver and cargo.

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Technology and data are simply tools, not the enemy, and with the right insurance choices, those tools can save you money. Using technology to lower your commercial trucking insurance rates is simply smart business. And the best way to do that is with help from

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