Covering The Need For Disability Insurance

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Getting the insurance you need to cover your truck is important, but it can be all too easy to forget to get everything you need. It’s not enough to get basic damage and liability coverage, especially if you own a small fleet of trucks and employ other drivers, too. It can be easy to forget that you need to make sure you have disability insurance, too, lest the absence come back to bite you at the worst possible moment.

Making sure you are covering the need for disability insurance is vital for you and your trucking business.

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Disability coverage is one of the most overlooked insurance needs, but it can be a deadly oversight if left unmet. A seemingly healthy driver can find themselves confronted with an urgent medical need and unable to drive. Without disability insurance, they’ll face high costs and lost wages, and this can put pressure on driver and fleet owner alike.

Unlike injuries suffered on the job, which will be covered by workmans comp, issues suffered off of the worksite or on the job go uncovered if there is no disability insurance to fill the gap.

Most disability insurance policies will include options for business owners to cover their overhead in the event of an injury, which could be a vital concern in the wrong circumstances.

When insurance comes up, of course, the first concern is always premiums, but disability coverage plans can be extremely reasonable, proving both cost-effective and flexible for your company’s needs and the needs of individual drivers.

Covering The Need For Disability Insurance

But you’d be best suited to find a policy from the same sources that provides you with your other trucking insurance needs, if possible, and can help you on that front. is designed to help truck drivers and fleet owners find the right plans to meet all their insurance needs on every front, and their process is designed to ensure they give customers the best plans and prices possible to meet every possible requirement for their trucking issues.

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The website provides this service by ensuring their customers have multiple choices through their online process. You just have to fill out a simple questionnaire to provide prospective insurance agents with the information they need to know their insurance needs and prospective budget.

From there, will provide you with up to three offers from different insurance agents, and each will seek to provide you with the best coverage at the best price in order to secure your business over any competing offers.

All you have to do is pick the plan you prefer and the agent will draw up the policy that you need for all your needs, liability insurance included. You do not have to do anything else from that point on except sign on the dotted line when the time comes… and pay the premiums, of course. 

Covering the need for liability insurance is an oft-neglected but important part of your trucking business. Make sure you check that box with help from

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