What To Do In Case Of A Commercial Truck Accident

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It’s something you hope will never happen while you’re on the road, but does, indeed, happen all too often: a commercial truck accident. You make a mistake, or perhaps another motorist does something foolish while traveling alongside you, and suddenly your truck is caught up in a collision of some sort. It’s a nightmarish scenario that can mean lost cargo, lost profits, and potentially loss of health or life. But while there’s no way to make such a scenario a good thing, you can make it easier to navigate by making sure you know what to do in case of a commercial truck accident.

A commercial truck accident can happen in any number of ways. A driver may get distracted, or tired, and make an error that ends in a collision with another vehicle or with infrastructure along the road. 

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Alternatively, another vehicle on the road may do something that makes an accident inevitable – tries to pass without enough notice or clearance, brakes too suddenly without making allowances for a large commercial truck’s inability to stop quickly, hits the back of the truck due to reckless driving or some other error due to poor driving, fatigue, distraction or, sometimes, just a simply unavoidable accident due to circumstances beyond any driver’s control.

Once an accident has occurred, however, it is important to know what to do in the aftermath of such an incident.

In some ways, it’s much the same as what to do in the case of any traffic accident, whether it involves a commercial vehicle or not. If there’s not a serious or life-threatening injury that requires immediate medical attention – and if there is, the best course is to simply step back and allow emergency workers to do their job – you should talk with the other driver involved, exchange insurance information and contact info and wait for a police officer to arrive to document the accident and provide an official report on what happened.

What To Do In Case Of A Commercial Truck Accident

You’ll want to contact your insurance agent so they can start working on getting a claim filed, particularly if you’re at fault. And, once the police officer allows it, you may wish to get another truck or other vehicle in to recover the cargo and deliver it if it was not damaged during the accident. If so, road crews may have to handle clean-up if it’s all over the road, or you may have to take it somewhere for disposal, especially if it’s something frozen which may spoil due to damage or delay.

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