The Importance of Occupational Accident Insurance for Truck Drivers

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When driving a truck for the purpose of hauling cargo, no matter the type of truck and load involved, the well-prepared trucker is sure to have insurance on the vehicle and the cargo alike. But even that’s not always enough to ensure the trucker is prepared for any eventuality while on the road. Given their frequent status as freelance drivers or contract employees, rather than full-time employees of a single business, truckers are wise to also have another level of protection on the job. Here’s why truckers must understand the importance of occupational accident insurance for truck drivers.

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When a standard employee of a firm is injured on the job, they can call on Workman’s Compensation to help pay for medical bills resulting from such a workplace injury. But a temporary or contracted employee suffers a similar problem, Workman’s Comp is not available under current legal requirements.

That’s where occupational accident insurance comes in. Occupational accident insurance can vary from policy to policy, but it typically provides medical, disability, survivor and death or dismemberment coverage for truck owner-operators if they’re injured on the job.

This stopgap measure means a self-employed owner-operator doesn’t have to worry that an on-the-job injury could mean a series of expensive medical bills they have to cover all on their own. In the right circumstances, it could literally preserve your financial well-being.

But to get occupational accident insurance, you’ll need to seek out an agent who understands the trucking industry and can find you the best, most affordable policy possible to cover your needs.
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