The Importance of Reefer Truck Insurance for Refrigerated Freight Haulers

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Hauling cargo can be complicated enough, but a reefer truck cargo is something else again. A reefer truck – that is, a commercial truck carrying refrigerated cargo – faces a host of issues that standard cargo doesn’t have to deal with, making it a riskier, and therefore more expensive, process. That includes the necessity for specialized insurance to cover reefer cargo, which is vital. The importance of reefer truck insurance for refrigerated freight haulers cannot be understated.

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All cargo haulers require specialized insurance to cover commercial trucking, to deal with collision and liability issues, as well as potential harm to cargo in the case of accident or other problem.

But a reefer truck has special needs beyond that. One of the biggest threats to a reefer truck is that a breakdown might affect the refrigeration unit directly. A mechanical issue to the truck engine or a tire blowout are definitely problems to a cargo truck, but as long as the reefer unit itself works, you can afford a small delay without too much threat to the cargo.

But cargo in a reefer truck is shipped refrigerated due to the threat of spoilage in the first place. If the reefer unit breaks down, the countdown to spoilage immediately begins and the threat your cargo will become useless before a mechanic can repair the damage is a real one.

Even with a working reefer unit, spoilage can still be a threat. If a client decides to ship a product that is close to its expiration date, even refrigeration may not prove effective in saving the food and the receiver may choose to reject the shipment outright.

The Importance of Reefer Truck Insurance for Refrigerated Freight Haulers

To protect against those risks, freight haulers need specialized reefer insurance to cover those very issues, which are certainly not in a standard insurance policy.

Even there, pitfalls exist. Some policies will cover spoilage on certain items, such as fresh produce, but not on frozen foods, such as meats and seafoods, and other products requiring cold storage, such as tobacco products and pharmaceuticals.

So you’ll need a good policy and one that you understand inside and out to ensure you’re not caught off-guard by unknown exclusions.

What you need is

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When you use their service, they will assign you an agent who understands the marketplace and your needs within it. This agent will produce not just one, but at least three, competing quotes for your fleet. This approach lets you compare and contrast quotes from various reputable insurance companies and find which one can get you the best coverage at the best rate.

Once you select the quote with the price and coverage level you desire, your new agent will then handle all the paperwork and leave the business of trucking to you.

Hauling reefer cargo is a more risky and expensive endeavor that also can, in turn, return greater profits when done safely and promptly. With proper reefer insurance in place, you can have greater confidence in taking those risks for the greater rewards and can help you on that front.

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