What Can Commercial Truck Insurance Cover?

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Insurance can be confusing. There’s a lot of legal jargon in those policies and a lot of variables that can go into getting your vehicle properly covered. This is even more true of commercial truck insurance, where industry requirements and government mandates can complicate things further. All of this means that when you find yourself in a situation where insurance could come in handy, you’re not entirely sure whether it can cover you, or for how much.

It’s important to find out, before such a situation arises, what can commercial truck insurance cover?

There’s no one answer to this, of course, as legal requirements vary from state to state. In Georgia, however, a commercial truck must be covered with $750,000 in liability for general freight, though that number goes up for perishables like household goods, or for dangerous cargoes such as hazardous materials and oil. The U.S. Department of Transportation has similar requirements, which must be met if you’re going to operate your truck on interstate routes.

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The essential coverage you should expect from a commercial truck insurance policy, however, includes primary liability, for damages you cause while driving; physical damage insurance, for damage caused to your own vehicle; occupational accident coverage, which covers financial losses due to lost work and medical bills; and a general liability policy to cover anything else not covered by the other policies.

Business owners with a fleet of trucks often want to get an umbrella policy that can cover the entire business for not only trucking needs but also things such as worker’s compensation and other legal requirements.


There are other coverages you can get for a commercial truck, as well. You can cover your cargo, your trailer and independent drivers. There are specialized policies for different types of trucking needs, from bobtail trucks to box trucks. And more.

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This can come dear, of course. In Georgia, the average price of commercial truck insurance is nearly $16,000, with premiums ranging from the $12,000 range to nearly $18,000.

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